The New Air Force 1 Pixel Coming With Muted Zebra Prints

The New Air Force 1 Pixel Coming With Muted Zebra Prints


Although New Air Force 1 Pixel is a new experimental product, it has a much longer lifespan than other similar products. And for color matching options like zebra, the diversity will only continue to deepen. In addition to the animal patterns mentioned above, the appearance of this pair of shoes is quite simple. The white leather dress goes from toe to heel, matching the tag along the tongue and underneath the tool to mash the structure. Then, the blocky dubraes added the signature touch of Pixel, while the indented Swoosh and thick heel label passed the zebra pattern of the gray filter lens.

Buy Jordan Soles,The Air Jordan 1 Mid has always been the most experimental decoration of Michael Jordan's first signature shoes. However, the model always guarantees No. 23's legacy through the Chicago Bulls' friendly color scheme. The latest model of this sneaker is a "black/red/white" style specially designed for children. Similar to the iterations seen before, the upcoming mid-top trape Jordan 1 will feature a simple two-tone foundation and a set of overlays. However, the silhouette shoes, lace, brand features and the underlay around the collar all introduce a bright, vibrant scarlet hue. At the foot, the sole maintains the same color palette, and the selected look is reminiscent of the 2018 "Not for Resale" retro.

Latest Jordans News,As Stephen A. Smith said, Kyrie Irving’s “box office” is no secret, but the current Brooklyn Nets guard has not yet made the 2020-21 NBA postseason. Prove yourself in the game. However, if his latest Nike Carey No. 7 color scheme shows anything, it is that the 29-year-old is confident to compete with Kevin Durant, James Harden and the rest of the team coached by Steve Nash. The members together win their second championship ring. Most of the composite textile uppers of this pair of shoes are covered with "white", while the brand and supporting parts of the entire upper introduces the contrast of "black" and "metallic gold". Like Irving’s previous celebratory shoes, the boldest statement of this upcoming pair of shoes is embodied in the sparkling tones, everything from the tongue label to the side hook. However, the personalized NBA ring on the heel of the shoe is also very lively. This information shows that the actor who has appeared in "Uncle Drew" is convinced that he will end the current postseason as an NBA champion. Match.