DH1290-100 Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Fontanka White

DH1290-100 Nike Women’s Air Force 1 Fontanka White


Few sneakers are as popular as the "white" New Air Force 1, which explains why the Others 1 Foundation and other organizations are established around this sneaker. Recently, the brand used Nike React foam in the Fontanka women's collection, revising Bruce Kilgore's decades-old design. At first glance, this pair of newly unveiled drones is obviously Air Force No. 1, but a closer look reveals that it has some fashion-forward differences from the standard design. The synthetic leather is coupled with different stitching directions, while the lace guard doubles à la sacai. On the Achilles heel panel, three mini-logos in different colors replace the traditional trademarks. Finally, the only unit is immersed in the biggest update of the outline, dressed in modern foam and quirky layout, inspired by Eastern European rave culture. Nike has not disclosed the details of the official release, but with the advent of 2022, the situation may change. In the meantime, please enjoy the photos of the two people below.

When Nike Vapormax Flyknit 2021 debuted, it provided a large number of vibrant and neutral colors. This momentum continued into the fall, with sufficient stocks throughout the year. At the beginning of 2022, the shape of this car will also remain unchanged, as it has just appeared in a new black and olive mashup. Currently, the model also uses the well-known neon lights. At the top of the eye, whoosh, New Release Yeezy and below, a "volt" glows in different forms. Although every piece of clothing looks bright, many clothes are covered by black fixtures, which form a large part of the Primeknit shell, lace unit, pull ring, and so on. However, in contrast, olive green hits-in different shades depending on the fixture-do their best to bridge the extremes of the two shades. In addition to being the presence of this sportswear company in the virtual world, NIKELAND further connects numbers with real life. We encourage players on mobile devices to become active when playing certain mini-games, because the accelerometers on mobile phones and tablets convert offline movements into online processes. Nikeland's avatar can also display some clothes and sneakers owned by players in real life through the digital exhibition hall. Instead, Nike’s online creativity will be exhibited at the House of Brand Innovation (HOI) in New York in December. With the support of Snapchat, the experience will turn the children's area of ​​the store into an augmented reality version of NIKELAND so that visitors can enjoy Roblox avatars, activities and more in retail locations. All in all, this cooperation gives us a glimpse of the future.

On October 27th, Nike submitted an application to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to use its swoosh and Jumpman logos and other brand materials on virtual goods. The news broke shortly after Meta (formerly Facebook) shared its most comprehensive public briefing on its future plans around Metaverse (a "digital universe" composed of virtual and augmented reality). Today, the North American sportswear giant announced its first full-scale entry into the emerging market: "NIKELAND" in "Roblox". For novices, Roblox is an online game platform and game creation system established in September 2006. Hoka Shoes With a daily active user base of 43.2 million, it is one of the largest digital destinations on the Internet, with experiences created by more than 24 million users. These "experiences" range from amusement park building simulation games to reimagined games such as League of Legends and Call of Duty. Although Roblox Corporation has implemented some guidelines on the platform, especially about what players can write and share, it cultivates a sense of creativity, imagination and expression, making Roblox the perfect background for "NIKELAND". Nike is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon. It is actually a virtual version of Nike's world headquarters that integrates sports, games and lifestyle. Users on the Roblox platform can access the digital world and wander through the buildings modeled after the Lebron James Innovation Center in real life. Visitors can also participate in tags, dodgeballs, and other activities with other people staying on the vast campus. In addition, users can also use the NIKELAND toolkit to make their own mini games; this decision is based on the encouragement of dreams and actions by "Swoosh" and "Roblox".